Is Your Grass Wildly Overgrown?

Call Schimgs Professional Lawn Service in Yakima, WA

Chores have a sneaky way of piling up. If there were more hours in a day, your to-do list might actually shrink. Instead, you're left juggling the laundry, carpool, dinner and more.

Don't let lawn care zap you of much-needed energy. Contact Schmigs for professional landscaping at an affordable cost. We tackle unruly grass so you don't have to. Our mission is to provide breathtaking landscaping at a competitive rate.

Give yourself the gift of a few extra hours - your family (and your to-do list) will be better off for it.

Take back control of your property today

There's no need to live in a jungle. If your grass has gotten out of hand, it's time to reclaim your property. Schimgs is armed and ready with over 30 years of experience. We offer comprehensive landscaping services to residents of the Yakima area. See what we can do for you:

•Routine maintenance
•Irrigation start up
•Spring cleaning
•Regular weeding
•Hedge trimming
•Lawn mowing

Contact Schmigs for more information at 509-575-0430. We're happy to answer your landscaping questions and schedule a yard estimate.

Going green has never been easier

You'll have greener grass before you know it. Schmigs employs a skilled team of professional landscapers who maximize your lawn's potential. Host backyard barbeques and summer playdates. Send your pets out to play in a safe environment. Uncover your forgotten flowers.

It's possible to have the yard you've always dreamed of. Schmigs Professional Lawn Service can revive your property with ease.

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