Avoid the Toil – Call Schmigs for Superior Soil

Avoid the Toil – Call Schmigs for Superior Soil

Catch a break with our landscaping services

When you’ve spent a long hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is come home and mow the lawn. Take it easy inside while Schimgs Professional Lawn Service manages the outside. We offer a variety of services and maintenance plans. Call us for more information about:

• Routine maintenance
• Irrigation start up
• Spring cleaning
• Regular weeding
• Hedge trimming
• Lawn mowing

Your home deserves a well-groomed lawn. Boost your curb appeal by contacting Schmigs at 509-575-0430.

We set the bar high

Schmigs has been serving the Yakima, Washington area since 1984. You can buy a lot of fancy tools but you can’t buy experience. For seasoned landscapers who provide dedicated lawn care, choose the Schmigs team.

Landscaping services involve more than yard beautification. Other benefits include:

• Runoff protection
• Filtered air
• Reduced soil degradation
• Erosion control
• Decreased noise pollution

For more information about Schmigs Professional Lawn Service, call 509-575-0430.