Snow Removal

Lost in a Winter Wonderland?

Remove the snow from your property

Snowed in? Schmigs Professional Lawn Service can help! Is your front door buried in the snow? We can handle it. Is your driveway covered in a dangerous layer of ice? We’ve got it under control. We provide reliable, affordable snow removal in the Yakima area. When the snow piles up, we’re by your side. You’ll never have to fear winter again! Come to us for your:

* Residential snow removal
* Commercial snow removal
* Commercial snow plowing
* Ice melting

Confront the ice and snow with Schmigs Professional Lawn Service on your side.

Don’t let the other guys damage your driveway

You need your driveway cleared, but you’re worried that snow removal might damage your property. Schmigs Professional Lawn Service is the clear choice for you. Unlike most companies, we use snow blowers and shovels to safely clear your residential property of snow. You can count on a safe outdoor environment to enter and exit your Yakima-area home or business.

Call us today at 509-575-0430 to learn more about our residential snow removal services.